kapitein winokio rules

every saturday morning M jumps out his bed to go to his art school class, it starts at 8.30, so no sleeping out here ... but today once more I understood completely his enthusiasm for 'zee in zicht', the theme of this school year - all year he and his class mates worked on a yellow submarine full of phantasy creatures. the expo was the crown jewel of circo paradiso, a giant festival full of theater, circus, music and the best forest game ever organised by the school and the local cc. 
of course at a pirate festival kapitein winiokio rules.
but we also discovered another captain, capitein gustav. look out for him at the summer festivals, his imaginarium du capitein gustav II is so beautiful, it is the real phantasy carrousel, all made of recycled items and driven by the power of the captain and some strong fathers. it was so gorgeous and not even finished yet, the premier will be august 2 in antwerp

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