kapitein winokio rules

every saturday morning M jumps out his bed to go to his art school class, it starts at 8.30, so no sleeping out here ... but today once more I understood completely his enthusiasm for 'zee in zicht', the theme of this school year - all year he and his class mates worked on a yellow submarine full of phantasy creatures. the expo was the crown jewel of circo paradiso, a giant festival full of theater, circus, music and the best forest game ever organised by the school and the local cc. 
of course at a pirate festival kapitein winiokio rules.
but we also discovered another captain, capitein gustav. look out for him at the summer festivals, his imaginarium du capitein gustav II is so beautiful, it is the real phantasy carrousel, all made of recycled items and driven by the power of the captain and some strong fathers. it was so gorgeous and not even finished yet, the premier will be august 2 in antwerp

technicolors in amsterdam

left saturday morning for an unforseen weekend in amsterdam.
just in time to see the superb exhibition of felieke van der leest at the rob koudijs galery

the city was filled with color, even the side roads were a colored league full of wild flowers in the heart of the city


a room with a view

in front of our kitchen window is a huge rhododendron, it takes away a lot of daylight
but once a year it pays back with a magnificent view on purple & green

sunday lunch

soba noodles and home made sushi for sunday lunch, we had many plans for the day but ended staying home cooking and enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon

first time i prepared sushi at home, it is certainly one to add on the family favourites list!


The golden bearing

Heejo Kim (Korea) - paper, copper and enamel 
the empty cup of an acorn, the only memory of the past 
when the acorn cup was necessary for the protection of the fruit
so delicate, so balanced, such beautiful colours
and that special something, let's call it a korean touch

True colours. New traditional jewellery.

An amazing exhibition in mmkarnhem. Till the end of the month -superb pieces in an inspiring environment, feels like the Netherlands have a patent on those recently.

And work from our former classmate Karen Vanmol, the necklace called Life in Colour.  Made from wood, cotton, concrete and paint. A delicate balance between the quiet of nature and the structure of the city.

Some pictures of my favourite piece in a next post.


Mara des Bois

preparation for a sunday lunch
tulips and my favourite Mara des bois strawberry plants at the farmers market

M does not leave the house without camera anymore, wonder who gave him that idea ...