old habits

F started drawing again. friday evenings and saturdays are filled with ink and pencils and the friendship of an art school

blue doors

my favourite part of the house is closed only by an old stable door. in spring and summer the big door is always open, in autumn it allows to  sit outside while being covered from rain and wind. to keep the cold out on winter days we made an extra set of doors; this weekend i covered them with ice blue wall paper.

 just need an extra set of blankets as the room has no heating



beginning of the week had blue skies and ice cold, my favourite winter weather. now we are back to grey, leaves me staring at my moon globe for some blue


the box

the box we would save in case of a fire
containing next to all documents of the adoption, all souvenirs of those first days, 
  his kazakh felt shoes, his first toys, 

most important, a small blanket in blue and orange, given to him when we left the orphanage together, a present from the director  to comfort him when he would be scared. it was made in the house and she strongly believed the smell would make him brave, still today M believes in it. and still today it works 

those first days , food was extremely important, so the box also contains his favourite russian cheese package



Paris never disappoints, perfect for loading winter batteries.


Musée du Quai Branley

Atelier Brancusi

 Centre Pompidou

and for some shopping

Petit Pan



i am a tea addict, this super delicious detox kusmi tea fits exactly in my new year state of mind
maté - green tea - citronelle

every day

 removed all christmas decoration & cleaned the house, feels good party time is over

enjoyed grocery shopping, only discovered at home the packaging of my favorite toothpaste changed temporarily

a fresh start

a new start - leaving 2011 behind